Elizabeth Spenko Joins Mathison as Head of Product

May 10, 2021
12 min read

It’s not every day you meet someone who inspires you within the first few minutes of a Zoom call. That was our experience meeting Elizabeth.

We were first introduced through our incredible lead investor and board member, Sarah Smith of Bain Capital Ventures, who went to Stanford Graduate School of Business with Elizabeth. What started as an exploratory advisory conversation quickly became much more.

Despite Elizabeth’s extraordinary career and achievements leading the service practice for IDEO in Chicago, building Northern Trust's Experience Design & Research division, co-creating the Northern Lab, and leading a team of more than 300 multidisciplinary professionals across North Trust, Elizabeth is the epitome of humility in leadership.

Today we’re excited to share that Elizabeth has joined us as our Head of Product at Mathison to spearhead our product strategy and development. While reflecting on her decision to take this leap and join the team, Elizabeth shared:

“What drew me to Mathison was the unique combination of top talent and purpose. I became a designer to create exceptional experiences that contribute back to the world. At Mathison, we have the ability to equip and energize organizations that want to ensure all voices are represented, heard, and appreciated across a spectrum of diversity.”

We are working to build something truly revolutionary to shift the paradigm of equity and inclusion in the workforce. To achieve that goal everything we build must be rooted in empathy and purpose.  We can’t imagine a more capable and human-centered leader to take the helm in this work than Elizabeth. Welcome Elizabeth, we are excited to build with you!

- Dave, Arthur and the team

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