Because DEI can feel lonely at times

Welcome to Gather, our free Slack community for DEI professionals. Connect, share advice, and find support with other diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners doing the work.


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Share and receive resources, news, articles, and events


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Code of conduct

As a community of DEI professionals, we agree:
We respect that as individuals and the organizations we represent, we are all at different stages of our DEI journey.
We commit to being non-judgmental, curious, respectful, and taking accountability for our impact.
We do not engage in hate speech or discrimination, and we will call each other in if we see anything that borders on that.
We will not sell any services, products, or solutions here.
We are here to find community, collaborate, ask for help, provide support, share best practices and resources, and help each other when we can.
We do not share anything from this community outside this space, without explicit permission from the person who shared it.
We respect the dynamic bandwidth and boundaries of each other, and we only offer and give as we are able.
We acknowledge that this work can be emotional, and we commit to making this a safe place where people can name their own feelings of vulnerability, as needed.

Frequently asked questions

What is Gather?
Gather is a free community for DEI professionals hosted in Slack.
Who can apply?
DEI professionals, practitioners, consultants, ERG leaders and aspiring DEI professionals
When will we hear back about our application?
The Gather team will review applications weekly. You will hear back on your application via email.
Do I have to pay for Gather?
No! Gather is a free community built for DEI professionals to connect, share resources, and grow.
What can I post?
Anything related to diversity, equity, and inclusion! This space is used to share resources, connect, network, ask questions, and receive advice. Please email if you have ideas for new channels, topics, or ways to connect.
How can I report a harmful or disrespectful post?
Email and we will address your concern.
I have another question that isn't listed here.
Please email We will be happy to help!
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