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Conversations to inspire action on pay equity and transparency

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A virtual summit for HR, Talent, People + DEI leaders committed to creating more equitable workplaces.

For the first time in 15 years, legislation is disrupting the Pay Equity status quo.

Teams hiring in CA, NY, CO, and WA are now required to publish pay bands for new roles which is impacting both prospective and existing employees.

With the veil being lifted on pay bands, pay transparency is moving from being a competitive advantage to an expectation–especially with GenZ.

Mathison, Ashby, and OpenComp's Pay Equity Summit aims to give you a practical working model for approaching strategy, how to communicate it internally, and to connect you with peers that are working through similar challenges in their organizations–all with a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Why attend our Pay Equity Summit?

Discover what's next.

The laws, approaches, and strategies surrounding equitable and transparent pay best practices are quickly shifting. We'll share what the future holds.

Connect with fellow leaders.

Our work is so much more fulfilling with the support of a robust network of peers, colleagues, and allies. Come together with other HR, talent, people + DEI leaders.

Create a more equitable future.

Learn how leaders are bringing equal and transparent pay to life within their organizations—what worked, what didn't, and what they'd do differently next time.

Leaders You'll Hear From

Summit Agenda

Impact that extends
beyond event day

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Expert Speakers

From industry thought leaders to legal experts, our agenda is packed full of five-star speakers.

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Thoughtful Content

Gain both clarity and inspiration on the future of equitable compensation requirements and best practices.

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Networking & Community

Connect with other Talent, HR, and DEI leaders to expand your network.

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The landscape is changing incredibly quickly. Bring your questions to gain clarity on the path forward.

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Ongoing Learning

Keep the conversation going after the summit with invites to roundtables, webinars and more.

Are you ready?

The pay equity tipping point is here.

Pay transparency is no longer a competitive advantage–it's an expectation.

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