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Mathison Dashboard

Mathison’s Dashboard empowers you to make informed, data-backed decisions by enhancing your people analytics with a DEI lens. By seamlessly integrating with your HRIS platform, you can instantly measure vital workforce demographics through an intersectional approach, proactively identify inequities, and increase diversity at all levels of the business.

What it does:

  • Assess gender and ethnicity breakdowns across departments.
  • Measure the average age and tenure of your workforce.
  • Gain insights into your largest and smallest underrepresented communities.

Use cases:

  • Quickly identify any disparities in gender and ethnic representation within different departments to improve opportunity equity.
  • Set baselines for future improvement, as well as provide data points for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Effectively prioritize targeted support and resources for your most underrepresented communities.
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Action Plan

The Action Plan, powered by our recommendation engine, generates a list of goals specially tailored to address the gaps and biases identified in your DEI strategy by the Equity Index. Each goal is based on research from 100 companies that made proven steps to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations.

What’s included:

  • A list of prioritized goals tailored to the unique gaps and biases within your organizations systems and policies.
  • Filter and sort goals by category, completion status, and owner.
  • Create custom goals for the unique situations within your organization to track all initiatives from one place.
  • Tag goal owners and collaborators to share accountability across the organization.
  • Each goal comes with several actions to consider to help facilitate progress, as well as correlating resources from the Knowledge Center, including how-to guides and toolkits.


Groups helps you manage DEI at scale across a portfolio of companies or subsidiaries by offering insights into members’ Equity Index scores, Action Plans, and opportunities for fostering collaboration.

What’s included:

  • View your Group Members’ Equity Index scores and development stages in a consolidated table overview.
  • View your Group Members’ Action Plans and DEI goals in aggregate, including related status, priority, category, and resources, helping to facilitate strategic conversations for making progress.
  • Facilitate co-learning opportunities and establish relationships between organizations with parallel or complimentary DEI strategies.
  • Restrict access to the aggregated table view, providing selective visibility to specific users to help reinforce privacy and controls. This feature ensures that sensitive DEI data remains confidential and only accessible to authorized individuals.


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Equity Index

The Equity Index is a comprehensive tool for evaluating your organization's DEI policies and systems across the entire employee lifecycle. It cross-references your gaps and biases with research on over 100 companies to identify the most impactful steps you can take to build a more inclusive and equitable organization.

You’ll get a clear breakdown of how equitable and inclusive your company is, helping you create a baseline and understand where to start for your DEI roadmap.

What’s included:

  • Conducts a 37-point assessment across the employee lifecycle, including the following categories: Defining and Tracking, Attracting and Sourcing, Interviewing and Engaging, Onboarding and Advancing.
  • Provides an overall DEI development score and development stage for the entire organization that you can track quarter by quarter.
  • Provides development scores for each of the four categories that you can track quarter by quarter.
  • Lists your key strengths across the employee lifecycle.
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Employee Survey

The Employee Survey is a data-backed tool for auditing the efficiency of your organization’s DEI efforts. The Employee Survey measures employee representation and demographic information, provides insights into how well DEI policies and systems are being adopted, and evaluates employees' feelings of inclusion and belonging.

What’s included:

  • Employee demographic representation across departments and teams, broken down by 12 underrepresented community identifiers, including gender, race, sexuality, working parents, veterans, neurodiversity, and more.
  • Equitable behavior analysis, which measures progress on your goals by taking an in-depth look at how well your policies and processes are being received, utilized, and enacted at the ground level, across the entire candidate and employee journey.
  • Inclusion and belonging sentiments at the department and community levels help you understand how welcome and included your workforce feels, helping you better focus your retention and engagement efforts.

Tools & Resources

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Sourcing Support

Cast a wider and more inclusive net by surfacing candidate profiles otherwise missed through traditional recruiting models, helping to reduce unconscious bias in your hiring strategy.

Using our proprietary machine-learning models, we analyze skills and experiences tied to your most critical roles and cross-reference more than 3,000 networks to identify candidates from across 12+ underrepresented communities.

In addition to pushing leads to your Applicant Tracking System for centralized candidate management, our support extends to seamless integration with some of the most popular ATS platforms, including iCIMS, Greenhouse, Workday, Lever, and more.

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Knowledge Center

Our Knowledge Center provides on-demand and actionable resources, including videos, how-to guides, and toolkits. Easily filtered by format, employee journey, and intended audience. Grab and share resources across the organization in a snap.

What’s included:

  • More than 70 videos, how-to guides, and toolkits that are easily downloadable and shareable.
  • Topics include the four categories of the employee lifecycle analyzed during the Equity Index assessment to ensure you have the resources you need to make progress.
  • A full copy of our Amazon #1 best-seller, “Hiring for Diversity”
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Bias Scanner

The Bias Scanner helps you uncover hidden and unconscious biased language in written communication, such as job descriptions, performance reviews, and emails, by flagging problematic and charged words and suggesting more inclusive alternatives.

What’s included:

  • Check your writing for gender coded terms, accessibility, clarity, jargon, buzzwords, and exclusionary language.
  • Written communications is cross-referenced with more than 4,000 words, phrases, and terms in our ever-growing database.
  • Built on the powerful GPT-4 LLM model, one of the most advanced generative AI language models in the world, giving you access to the DEI expertise you’ve come to expect from Mathison combined with cutting-edge technology.
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Expert Training

Your whole organization gets access to our monthly training sessions led by a certified DEI expert in an online community setting, across a variety of topics aimed at building more equitable and inclusive organizations. Private training exclusively for your organization is also available.

What’s included:

  • Training topics align with your Equity Index goals and priorities.
  • Training ranges from 60-90 minutes in an online community setting.
  • Topics include accessibility, unconscious bias, inclusive hiring, leadership, and more.
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