7 Essential Ways Leaders can Support Women at Work

March 8, 2023

It’s no secret that women have played legendary roles in some of the most impactful moments in human history. From leading families during uncertain times to leading wars and social movements, the world would not nearly be the same without women. As leaders, we understand that you want to find ways to uplift the women in your workplace, and we have you covered. Here are some tips on how to support women in the workplace.

Recognize Gender Inequality

Recognizing and acknowledging the gender inequality that exists, shows them that we. Statistics show that women make up 47.4% of the US labor force but only 31.7% of executive positions. The gender gap still exists, but we hope that leaders like you can help change the narrative. 

Promote Women

Promote women in the workplace, including encouraging them to apply for leadership positions and providing them with mentors or opportunities to meet people that could help them further their careers. Companies like Chief champion women's leadership and create programming meant to help women advance in their careers. 

Offer Flexible Working Arrangements

Offer flexible working arrangements to women, such as part-time, remote, and flexible hours in order for women to support their families. Keep in mind that more than 71% of women in the workforce are working moms. In fact, 77% of millennial and gen Z women stated that a more flexible paid leave policy would help them feel more supported at work. That may also impact the retention of women employees as well.  

Create Inclusive Policies

Create policies that are inclusive of women and their unique needs. This could include but is not limited to paid parental leave, childcare assistance, care for elderly parents, and other family-friendly policies. In addition, flexible time policies based on menstrual and menopause should be included as well. 

Provide Resources 

Provide resources to support women in the workplace, such as career coaching, diversity and inclusion training, and networking opportunities. The resources don’t all have to have a hefty price tag. Resources like Youtube, Udemy, and Hone help support the professional development of millions of professionals at little to no cost. Your leaders could also curate a playlist on your company’s Youtube page focused on your Women’s ERG and other topics that are specific to women. Having intentional conversations about the information being shared on a video or training while giving them the space and psychological safety to be vulnerable could help build a sense of trust and belonging in the workplace. 

Celebrate Success

Recognize them for their hard work and contributions to the team. Whether it is a small gesture to show your appreciation or congratulating them for a job well done on a recent initiative. Letting them know that they are seen and appreciated could go a long way.

Measure Progress

Measure your team’s or entire company’s progress and outcomes regarding supporting women in the workplace. Some questions that may help measure progress could include, but are not limited to: 

  • How many women were employed and promoted last year? 
  • Do women have an Employee Resource Group? 
  • Did the company choose an insurance provider that is intentionally inclusive of women’s needs? 
  • Aside from maternity leave, have accommodations been made for expectant or new mothers?
  • Do you have flexible working hours for working moms? 

Though key performance indicators are important, the best action you can take is to create systems that promote equity and inclusion. Because, even offering resources like mentorship and flexible working arrangements won't matter if the culture itself doesn't support a culture of women using the benefits. During this Women’s History month, leaders have a myriad of options to use to celebrate and support women, and we want to help you do it all year round. If you want help activating your specific DEI processes, please feel free to reach out to us.

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