Equitable Employer partners

DEI changemakers, leading with action

When you see an organization displaying the Equitable Employer badge, it means they have a holistic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) plan in place, from equitable policies to company-wide accountability.

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What is an Equitable Employer?

Our community of Equitable Employer partners are building diversity, equity, and inclusion at their organizations through the following key strategies.
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Identified gaps

Proactively uncovering gaps, from sourcing and interviewing to onboarding and advancing.
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Data-driven plan

Leveraging a robust and inclusive strategy, backed by data-driven insights and customized to your organization's specific needs.
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Mobilized workforce

Actionalizing DEI strategy with specific goals, essential tools, and expert training built on 100s of hours of research, best practices, and case studies.
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Measured impact

All progress is measured and tracked against specific goals and prioritized based on industry-leading standards.

Show your commitment to DEI

Employees, job seekers, legislators and board members alike are demanding companies adopt diversity, equity, and inclusion in an authentic way. And it’s not hard to imagine why: diverse and inclusive workplaces provide benefits at every level.


80% of candidates want to work for an employer committed to building diverse teams and inclusive workplace cultures.1

Engagement & Retention

Companies with inclusive cultures see more engaged employees2 and higher rates of retention.3

Company Performance

Diverse companies are better positioned to capture new markets4 and exhibit higher profits.5

Buyer Pressure

Consumers prefer to do business with companies that commit to DEI6, and are even willing to pay a premium.7

Equitable Employer spotlight

Customer Story

See how we helped Bowery Farming prioritize their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

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Our community of partners leading change

Our partners are distinct organizations who are committed to embracing and actively implementing DEI throughout the employees’ journey from a holistic lens. They are leaders in ensuring their workplaces have a solid foundation for DEI success with a bias for action.
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zon bestseller on the topic of increasing the diversity of candidates sourced.

High standards for higher impact

Organizations displaying the Equitable Employer badge leverage the Mathison platform because we are a trusted partner.

We’ve worked with hundreds or DEI experts, social sector organizations and employers to study the barriers underrepresented people in the workforce face — and even wrote the book Hiring for Diversity.
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Want a badge of your own?
Creating a more equitable workplace has never been more important, but true progress requires making specific goals and decisions grounded in data. See how Mathison can help drive your DEI strategy forward.
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