specific opportunities for action were identified and linked to individual departments
average actions per department that would directly impact the company’s Inclusion & Belonging score
increase in Inclusion & Belonging score over 6 months


Bowery Farming is reimagining modern farming. They turned to Mathison to help their team prioritize their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. They had energy and support for DEI but faced challenges:

  • How can we increase accountability for senior leaders?
  • How can we get smarter, data-backed goals?
  • How can we give leaders the tools & opportunities to improve?

Mathison steps in to help

What tools did we use?
  1. Equity Index: Uncovering gaps and creating a roadmap for systems and policies
  2. Progress Indicator: Supporting conversations and goal-setting with actionable data
  3. Action Plan: Specific tasks and resources to help lead with change

Taking action

The results led Bowery to take action in three focused areas:

  1. Skill Development “Opportunity to develop new skills”

       Bowery designed a “Development Day” to improve their employees’ access to new skill         development. Leaders hosted workshops on Learning & Development.

  1. Internal Opportunities “Aware of internal opportunities”

       A process was created for internal mobility, which included building awareness around new        opportunities and timelines.

  1. Inclusion“I see people like me represented”

       The marketing team put together a rebranding effort and Devin was able to spread accountability for        DEI. It led to a greater partnership between Marketing, ERG leaders, and heads of DEI, alongside        planned external activations for culturally significant months.

Results over time

In a 6-month time period, 47 improvements were observed, highlighting areas where strategy and action had been successful or needed additional focus.

“The tools and checkpoint results help me reach a very data-driven organization. For me to be able to meet them with the format with which they learn and are motivated, that’s so powerful.”
Devin McElhenny, Director Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, L&D