New team members engaged in DEI
Top of funnel candidates sourced
Improvement in equitable hiring processes

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone’s HR software powers the future-ready workforce with adaptive HR solutions designed to unite technology, data and content and inspire a work environment of growth, agility and success for all. Cornerstone serves over 6,000 customers and 75M users and is available in 180 countries and 50 languages.


Cornerstone was committed to building a more diverse team. Recognizing that there were specific areas of opportunity, they were looking for a way to create sustained consistent and iterative improvements—and do so in a way that was truly transformative rather than a “check the box” initiative.While a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was not new for the Cornerstone team, there was a lack of demonstrable progress due to not having a way to quantify their progress or educate the broader team on their efforts.“We needed a baseline and we needed to know the steps we could take to drive action and move the needle,” shared Kathy Shrepferman, Cornerstone’s Talent Acquisition Team Lead.


Kathy and her team began researching potential options to help them on their DEI journey. After considering job boards, consultants, and more, they chose to partner with Mathison.The reason? “We loved the idea of having a single system to measure, source and engage the team,” Kathy shared.

By embracing Mathison’s Equity Index (formally Equal Hiring Index®), Cornerstone was able to assess their entire hiring process, identify bias, and develop an inclusive hiring strategy. The EI gives them a consistent, data-driven benchmark to measure their progress over time. Not only does this enable Kathy and her team to make continuous improvements, but it also allows them to share their achievements with the organization at large. This is great for visibility as well as helping every team member feel excited and included in the driving diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for Cornerstone.

“Having the Equity Index enables us to break down all of these important — and doable — activities and assign them to team members. This has allowed us to bring the whole team on board,” explained Kathy.

Mathison is proud to partner with Kathy and the entire Cornerstone team as they continue to create a more equitable workplace.

Mathison is really helping us expand our metrics for success—beyond just representation but to really account for our process and the engagement of our people.

Kathy Shrepferman, Talent Acquisition Team Lead