Product news from Mathison: New DE&I Employee Survey & Action Plan

December 16, 2022
5 min

Make informed decisions with our new DE&I Employee Survey

We know first-hand that building a more inclusive and equitable workplace requires making strategic decisions. One of the biggest challenges that many companies face is having access to the right information to support those choices.

Mathison Employee Survey

That’s why we’re excited to announce Mathison’s new DE&I Employee Survey, built on feedback from HR and DEI leaders just like you. Whereas our Equity Index helps you identify gaps and where to start, our DE&I Employee Survey perfectly complements your strategy by providing actionable information. At a high-level, the DE&I Employee Survey helps you understand 3 key metrics:

  • Employee Representation
    Representation is effectively the compositional makeup of an employee base along the lines of the communities they identify with, such as their age, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, gender, and other identifiers. You’ll be able to measure the demographic information of your organization across departments and teams based on the aforementioned identifiers. This is especially valuable when assessing and promoting diversity within your organization.
Mathison Employee Survey Retention Graph
  • Equitable Behaviors
    The Equity Index helps you identify what policies and processes you may or may not have in place to help build a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Over time, as you take action and implement various initiatives, you’ll need to be able to measure progress on those goals. The DE&I Employee Survey provides you with an in-depth look at how well your policies and processes are being received, utilized, and enacted at the ground level. This can help guide your actions to be more impactful.
Mathison Employee Survey Progress Graph
  • Inclusion & Belonging Sentiments
    Diversity alone isn’t as effective if your workforce doesn’t feel included or like they belong at your organization. The DE&I Employee Survey will provide you with a clear understanding of inclusion and belonging sentiments at the department and community levels. This is valuable for focusing retention and engagement efforts, as well as optimizing productivity.

Because every organization and workforce looks different, and is at a different stage of their DEI journey, we’ve designed the DE&I Employee Survey to be customizable. The survey questions track along the 3 aforementioned metrics (Employee Representation, Equitable Behaviors, and Inclusion & Belonging Sentiments), but you can add or remove entire sections or individual questions as needed. You can even include your own questions if you’d like if there are specific things you’re looking to understand. 

Meet your new Action Plan

As part of our effort to continue helping you mobilize your team, we’re making it easier to execute a holistic DEI strategy. Goal Manager has been upgraded and enhanced to a new product called Action Plan, designed to help you and your whole team quickly make progress with all the right tools and resources. Here’s what this new and updated view includes: 

  • Actions to Consider
    We don’t just stop at telling you what goals you should set - we help you get there. Each goal you commit to will come with a list of actions to consider to help you make progress. Actions to consider will include easily shareable best practices, case studies, and other resources so you can get started with just one click.
Mathison Action Plan
  • Table View
    Your DEI strategy needs to be managed and properly documented just like any other business initiative at your organization. Our new table view will let you easily compare and manage all of the DEI goals your organization has committed to at a glance. This allows for faster and more efficient project management, especially when collaborating with multiple stakeholders and teams.
Mathison Action Plan Graph
  • Goal Prioritization
    Sometimes your DEI roadmap can appear daunting, with too many areas that you want to improve. Making progress in incremental steps is far better for success than tackling everything all at once, and that starts with prioritization. You’ll be able to pick and choose which recommendations you want to save as a goal based on what’s most important for your organization, and then prioritize them by effort, impact, and importance.

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