Mathison Raises $25 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate the Adoption of the First All-In-One DEI Operating System

May 12, 2022
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When Arthur and I founded Mathison three years ago, we set off on the mission to help organizations of all sizes accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys through a tech-driven approach. We believe that consistency, transparency, data, and accountability throughout the organization are requisites for sustainable change.

After three years and partnering with over 150 organizations on DEI, I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’ve just closed on our $25-million Series A funding, led by the amazing team at F-Prime Capital. We’re also partnering with Bain Capital Ventures, SemperVirens, ANIMO Ventures, GTM Fund, Gaingels, and JP Morgan.

Our mission: creating a workplace that better represents society 

At Mathison, we envision a world where our workforce equally represents society — where our individual diversity is not a weakness but a strength. In our research, we found that employers are missing the proper insights and systems they need to support their DEI efforts at scale. In fact, although diversity is a priority for organizations, 76% still haven’t set diversity goals, and nearly half of those who have set goals don’t feel confident they will achieve them. 

In the same way that every essential business function has a system of record, so should DEI. In other words, we should view DEI as a key business initiative deserving of budget, resources, and a system in place to track and measure growth. To help close the gap, we created an end-to-end platform to transform organizations’ hiring and retention strategies to increase diversity with a single place to build a DEI action plan, measure growth and mobilize every team with education and tools. 

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Where we’re going

We’re proud of the work that we’ve done since our inception in 2019. A snapshot of Mathison’s growth + impact over the past three years:

  • Two consecutive years of over 400% annual growth
  • 50,000 underrepresented candidates sourced for employers 
  • Over 10,000 employees engaged in DEI training
  • Supported the development of hundreds of new equitable talent policies across over 30 industries

And we’re just getting started. With our Series A raise, we’re excited to grow our product suite to better serve our customers and allow them to increase the collective impact they have on their organizations and society at large. We also look forward to expanding our team to allow us to grow even faster. (By the way, we’re hiring.) 

Mathison’s DEI Operating System brings together diversity hiring, analytics, strategy, and training capabilities into one seamless platform. With our platform, we provide top of funnel diverse candidates, reduce hiring bias, and deliver ongoing DEI training while measuring and reporting on any gaps. Our DEI tools are accessible for every employee and can be added into your daily workflow. You’ll also get a comprehensive dashboard of DEI metrics for leaders. (We’re happy to share more, of course. Book time with our team today.)

I am incredibly excited about the future of Mathison, and how we can help organizations of all sizes accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys. Onwards and upwards!


Dave Walsh

CEO, Mathison

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