Meet the new Mathison: Powered by DEI Intelligence

September 22, 2023
4 minutes

DEI and the business world are constantly changing, and we’re no exception. At Mathison, we’re always improving our technology to help build more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

That’s why we’re so excited to unveil Mathison’s transformation into a cutting-edge DEI Intelligence platform, built on our existing expertise and driven by our new and updated tools. Over the past year we’ve worked diligently to shift our platform strategy to be data-first, in order to better empower our customers with the metrics and insights they need to make more informed decisions. 

Continue reading below to discover the exciting new features you can begin using today and get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon.

Harness the Power of DEI Intelligence

We firmly believe sustainable DEI is measurable, and our new Dashboard helps you do just that. By seamlessly integrating with your HRIS platform, HR and DEI leaders alike can proactively identify gaps and improve opportunity equity, without needing an analyst. Here are just some of the workforce metrics we help you measure and track:

Assess gender and ethnicity breakdowns across departments

  • Quickly identify any disparities in gender and ethnic representation within different departments to improve opportunity equity. 
  • Set baselines for future improvement, as well as provide data points for evidence-based decision-making.

Measure the average age and tenure of your workforce

  • Get a clear understanding of retirement patterns and succession planning requirements.
  • Ensure a seamless talent transfer within your organization. 
  • Prioritize effectively and budget more efficiently for recruitment and development initiatives.

Gain insights into your largest and smallest underrepresented communities

  • Effectively prioritize targeted support and resources for your most underrepresented communities.
  • Shape more inclusive policies, L&D initiatives, resource allocation, and retention strategies for employees who need it the most.

Additionally, our department and tenure filters allow you to dive deep into specific dimensions. You can explore factors such as age, gender identity, and ethnicity, addressing niche challenges and encouraging an intersectional approach to your DEI initiatives. The flexibility of exporting data and graphs helps you work across platforms, facilitating collaboration and maximizing your impact.

Data is also continuously refreshed from your HRIS, freeing you of manual spreadsheets and outdated information. Most importantly, we are CCPA/CCPRA and SOC 2 compliant, aggregating and anonymizing data to ensure the utmost privacy. Click here to learn more about our approach to Security & Privacy.

Get the Right Answers and Insights, Faster

With our new dashboard also comes a new Navigation, rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up with your needs in mind. With our renewed focus on helping you make data-backed decisions, the Dashboard and Action Plan are moved to the top, helping you quickly toggle between the insights you need and the steps you’re taking. The navigation options have been recategorized by product type, such as Strategy, Assessments, and Resources, helping you find what you need faster.

We also wanted to ensure we kept accessibility in mind with this redesign by implementing the following features:

Collapsible Navigation Pane

This helps maximize screen space, allowing users with visual impairments to better navigate and focus on essential content.

Screen-Reader Friendly

This ensures users using assistive technology that reads text aloud are able to better navigate our platform.

“Skip to Main Content” Link

This allows users to skip to the main content of a page instead of traversing all menu items, greatly improving their browsing experience.

We’re Just Getting Started: Coming Soon

Here are some exciting new features and products from Mathison to keep an eye out for:

  • Scan Text for Bias to Write More Inclusively
    We’re excited to be refreshing one of our most popular products, the Bias Scanner, which analyzes written text to prompt more inclusive language. It will be built on the powerful GPT-4 LLM model, one of the most advanced generative AI language models in the world, giving our customers the DEI expertise they’ve come to expect from Mathison combined with cutting-edge technology.
  • A Complete Analytics Experience
    Identify data trends and view data over time, key in on retention and attrition metrics, and customize your dashboard.
  • Smarter Recommendations
    Your Equity Index, HRIS, and Employee Survey data will all feed into Mathison’s recommendation engine, generating smarter, more valuable insights and goals for your action plan.
  • Benchmarking for Success
    View benchmarking data for your most common Equity Index scores and dashboard data, helping you measure where your company stands in comparison to industry standards.

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