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Mathison and AllVoice's Equitable Employer Summit

Watch this on demand summit of three thought-provoking sessions led by DEI leaders that will dive into equitable policy, practices, and programs in the workplace.
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As employers are navigating a changing landscape in the economy and workplace, equitable policies for employees have been felt more essential. In this mini summit we will explore the most breakthrough equitable policies, programs and practices across hiring, promotion and pay for employees. Watch this on demand event where thought leaders discuss what is legally required, the latest DEI trends and ways to maximize impact amid limited resources and capacity.

Featured speakers:

  • Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting
  • Natasha Kehimkar, Malida Advisors
  • Jaime Klein, Inspire Human Resources
  • Dr. Shindale Seale, SEADE Coaching and Consulting
  • Lily Zheng, author of DEI Deconstructed
  • Levi Booser, Voyage Foods
  • Caralyn Cooley, Bowery Farming
  • Nikki Cunningham, MakerSights
  • Glenn Newman, Strava